Shalom Mayim Farm ....... 

Welcome to Shalom Mayim Farm. We are located in Harrison, Tennessee west and south of the Smokey Mountains.

I am Francine and my husband Morris Porter are glad you came to our website. We have a small half acre piece of property but it is stuffed with joy. My husband and I with our three children are trying to "live the dream". Having our own home raised food and fun while homeschooling and teaching our children about the wonderful qualities of farm life is a dream I have always had. It has been extremely rewarding making this dream reality. We started with chickens and moved on to goats. We love them both.

(2011)We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats because they are very personable animals, small and we wanted dairy goats. I started milking our goats for the first time this year. That was an interesting challenge. Not only did I have to learn how milk a Nigerian, but I had to train my goats to milk on the stand. Nothing but opportunities!!!  Since we drink it as fast as I can milk it I had to buy a larger goat! LOL! Our family loves drinking fresh goat milk and it is so rich and creamy! After we drank the goat milk for a while and tasted store bought cow milk again it was like drinking chalk. No going back now.

Since I bought Dreamy girl (Nubian) I have had enough milk now and then to make cheese. It has been a learning experience. I have only done soft cheeses so far like ricotta and spreadable cheeses. I will be trying the hard cheeses after Dream kids and I have more milk. My son sold his Nigerian doe and bought a Nubian (Ginger) also so next year we should really be able to enjoy cheese making. Nubians have more prolific amount of milk and the Nigerians have a higher butterfat content.

(2012)I have several breeds of chickens for eggs and chicks such as French Copper Marans,  Black Austrolops and newly purchased Golden Laced Wyndottes chicks. Life is good!!!

We lost all but one roo of our Golden Laced Wyndottes to a coon attack. I was also raising Speckled Sussex. I had 3 pullets and 1 roo and lost all but 1 pullet to the well as my Welsummer hen...:-(

I have decided to focus on Speckled Sussex and will buy more soon. Will be selling my Welsummer roo.

Dream has passed to better pastures :-(

(2013)Have been milking goats for two years now.  And now we are milking Ginger and Moonshine. Last year I bought a pregnant French Alpine doe, who kidded triplets, sold her and her buckling and kept the two doelings. They should be ready to breed by this fall and then we will expand into Mini-Alpines. Right now we are selling Nigerian Dwarf kids, and Mini-Nubian kids. I bought a beautiful Nubian doe kid, had her for a couple months and lost her to barberpole worms. Broke my heart....

For the love of my son, I have changed our chicken flock over to Golden Laced Wyndottes. I sold my Speckled Sussex, even though I loved the looks, I wanted bigger eggs. This year I want to add to my French Copper Maran flock. I have one hen and one half breed hen. I love the large dark eggs and they are very pretty birds.

After having Golden Laced Wyandottes for almost two years we are change our flock yet again. I want to have a mixed flock, definitely cold weather layers as well warmer weather layers. So we getting some Delawares, RIR, Black Australops and maybe some New Hamshires. I am keeping my French Copper Maran hen and her mixed daughter as they turn out broody and reared the cutest chicks. We will see.

Also after much introspection we have decided to sell all our Nigerians and focus on our larger goats. Though I loved our pets, they couldn't produce the milk I want so we are keeping two Nubians and two French Alpines.  I am quite sure I will be floating in milk, LOL.